Hi, I'm Liam Young! I'm an Animator, Writer and Producer currently living in Fullerton, CA. I spend my days working on a plethora of freelance projects, and I spend my nights grinding out my own personal productions.  

While my diverse skill set allows me to tackle any type of project, my main goal is to pursue a career in animated storytelling. More specifically, I dream of making an animated TV series. Until then, I'm available to do work on whatever project you might have! Shoot me an email at liam@mozzaliam.com.




BA in Cinema & Television Arts - California State University Fullerton






Other things I'm proud of:


  • My short, Tiberius & Reagan, won "Best Picture" at Nadir, the first annual CSUF Film Festival.

  • I once animated 28 hours straight without dying. 


About me

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