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When they’re not serving up questionable meat at their local taco establishment, the "Atacolypse," the Four Horsemen are trying to defend humanity from a premature Apocalypse. 


Ep. 1 - The Boy Who Cried Horse

Dave unapologetically teases Death about the inconsistencies of their cause. Namely, the fact that the Four Horsemen do not have horses.  

This episode will air sometime in 2019. 

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The Grim Reaper in the flesh. Death is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Horsemen, which include maintaining the restaurant and shot-calling in battle. Her cold shell often sways people away from her. Considering that one touch from Death will kill a mortal, it's probably for the best. 


A creature with absurd muscle proportions. War is incredibly oblivious to his size, strength and pretty much everything that goes on around him. Despite his intimidating stature, he's surprisingly sentimental. 


The heart of the Horsemen. In fact, it's possible Famine's heart is twice the size of her stomach. Not just because she's compassionate, but because Famine is incapable of consuming food. Although incomprehensible at times due to her social anxiety, you can be sure she always has something positive to say. 


A college dropout who bumbled his way into the lives of the Horsemen after surviving a demon attack. Dave is goofy, lazy and very confident in his inability to do anything. With his new duties as Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, he's just as irresponsible. And laughing at it. 

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