Demo Reel

Everything in this demo reel was boarded, animated and

edited by yours truly. All of its contents can be found in the personal projects and freelance work below! 

I also have a motion graphics reel right here!


  • Short

Join Percy on his quest to become a real knight!

Tiberius & Reagan

  • Pilot

Two intergalactic cartographers crash land on an unknown planet.


The titular Tiberius and Reagan are on a mission to catalog every planet in the galaxy- that is, until they find themselves trapped on an uncharted world. 

Frame By Frame

  • Demo

A bizarre interaction between a rubberhose cartoon and a shady scientist.


Frame by Frame is an animated demo created as a test. While the project has since been shelved, it's not the last we'll see of Newt and Benny. 

10 million Subscribers

  • Music Video

H2O Delirious acquired the elusive diamond playbutton. He commissioned me to animate this music video as a celebration of his achievement.  

Problem Show

  • Mini-series

The nonsensical adventures of the "Problem Squad."


Join Logie, Philo and Izzy on their quest to eradicate the world's problems. While originally a single short, "Problem Show" was pitched and sold to SpindoTV, allowing for the creation of an additional 3 minisodes. 

Capital Punishment         The musical

  • Musical Short

10 facts about Capital Punishment.


In 2015, I participated in the "Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation." The opening round's theme was "10 facts." Thus, Capital Punishment the Musical was born, winning first place. 

Hot Buzz: Bee police

  • Short

The Bee Police must stop the evil Senator-Antula.


After winning the first round of NATA, I created this short for the next round. While it unfortunately lost, we'll never forget the Bees and their big sacrifice. 

Rise of the Batcoon 3

  • Webseries Finale

Who is the Arkham Knight really? Batcoon will soon find out. 


The exciting conclusion to H2O Delirious' "Rise of the Batcoon" trilogy. I was commissioned to make this one extra long. 


  • Demo

Lim, Bren and Yoseph are three cartoons living in the real world. 


This demo was for a failed project in 2014. While I've learned a lot since, it's safe to say that this project sparked many ideas that I would utilize in the future. 

The Dinos Are BAck

  • Short

H2O Delirious and co. must win a game of Fortnite!


The most recent of my Delirious Shorts. This episode featured several other YouTubers, including DeadSquirrel, BasicallyIdoWrk and Nogla.

Monster Detectives 2

  • Short

The Detectives get into a hairy situation!


After a hardware store is overrun with bearded zombies, the Monster Detectives try to save the day.