The scripts I cook up are often filled with frantic and zany humor. To make things more flavorful, I always add a teaspoon of dark and a pinch of taboo... 

Okay, ya got me. It's mostly the latter. 

Script Writing

Short Form 

The Daily Grind (Fantasy/Comedy)

Erin, Javnault and Axel are looters who find themselves on the quest of a lifetime. Their mission? Rescue a princess who was kidnapped by a bunch of barbaric gamblers. 

Arcane Valley (Horror/Comedy)

Ancient spells have been lost throughout the mystical world of Arcane Valley. Illusionist, Draxious, and necromancer, Percy, embark on a life-changing journey to become the ultimate sorcerers... All while causing widespread disaster.

 Half Hour Sitcom

Best Boys (Black Comedy)

Dreaming of working in the film industry, four friends have finally got their foot in the door. After displaying their true colors as "the worst people to exist," they inadvertently erase any chances of attaining a professional career.

Ends Meat (Horror/ Black Comedy)

After waking up in the middle of the Apocalypse, Austin frantically searches for his loved ones. Instead, he finds a rag-tag group of nihilistic assholes whom destroy any and all optimism he might have had prior to the end times.  

     Spec Scripts

Rick and Morty

Rick is visited by his college roommate, Zlippy Dip. In order to protect his family, Rick must use the Earth as a game board for the planetary eradication game, "Terraform Tactics."